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We appreciate you may have many questions about chiropractic and osteopathic treatment, and we are happy to answer any queries or concerns you might have. If your question isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or book a free 30 minute consultation to talk to one of us in person.

Most of us will experience some back pain/twinges going about our daily life that will heal in a few days. If, however, your pain has continued for 3 days or more, it may help to seek treatment to recover as quickly as possible.

Your initial appointment will begin by discussing how we can help by taking the time to talk about your pain, how it may have been triggered, and your goals from treatment.

After completing a medical questionnaire and following a physical examination, I will talk through the findings, how treatment can help, give you a treatment plan, and provide your first treatment to start helping with your recovery as soon as possible.

Your initial new patient appointment will be for one hour and costs £54.00.

No, In the United Kingdom there are strict guidelines regarding the taking of x-rays. Your chiropractor or osteopath should only be recommending an x-ray if there is a valid clinical reason for doing so.

In the majority of cases for non-specific mechanical back pain, an x-ray is not needed before you can receive treatment. Here at Hutchinson Health, if we think that you need an x-ray then this will be discussed fully with you prior to a private or GP referral.

Yes, of course. we are more than happy for any patient to be accompanied by a friend or relative to an appointment. It may be helpful in explaining your symptoms or just if you would feel more comfortable.

Yes, we only treat each patient individually. You may find clinics that do treat several patients at the same time. You should consider what type of treatment setting you would be comfortable with when comparing chiropractic and osteopathic clinics.

Yes, If you have any questions or are unsure if we can help and would like to discuss any aspect with us, you can book a Free 30-Minute Consultation online, or by phone and talk to our reception team who will be able to help book a convenient appointment time.

This is a question that many patients who have not been for treatment before have. In regards to the aim of treatment, both professionals and treatments can offer you an answer. Patients often will have received treatment from an osteopath or chiropractor in the past and experienced good results and therefore wish to stay with that profession for treatment.

There is a slight difference in the manipulation techniques between the two professions but you may also experience a similar difference between two chiropractors or osteopaths.

Here at Hutchinson Health, all clinicians have the same aim for patients. That is to listen, help you understand the reasons for your pain, and understand your goal of treatment. We will help by providing the most effective treatment with manipulation/mobilisation and soft tissue therapy to suit your condition.


Chiropractic new patient appointments cost £58.00. Follow on appointments are £40.00.

Osteopathic new patient appointments are £58.00. Follow on treatments are £40.00.

Our request is that you provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend, or simply wish to cancel that appointment.

If you miss an appointment without contacting the clinic or fail to provide 24 hours’ notice, then a 50% charge will be invoiced for this lost clinic time.

No, during the initial consultation the best treatment and treatment interval will be explained to get you better as soon as possible, we do not make patients sign up for a treatment plan.

Treatments in the initial stages are more closely spaced in order to assess your progress and help heal the injury, and then as you recover and return to full activity, treatments are spaced accordingly.

Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes. Follow-on appointments are 30 minutes.

No. There is no requirement to get undressed. We can fully assess with you wearing everyday clothing, and if we need to expose any skin as part of the examination, we move your clothing to the side and use a towel to provide a modesty barrier. If you can wear some loose clothing for the appointment, that is helpful.

This will vary on your specific problem and goal of treatment. Most treatment includes a combination of joint manipulation/mobilisation and soft tissue (muscle) therapy. It may also include dry needling (Western acupuncture) if you are happy to receive this treatment.

Absolutely, all treatment will be carefully explained, and any questions you may have answered fully. Only when you are happy and your consent has been given will we treat you.

Sometimes. It is relatively common after treatment to experience an effect such as mild to moderate ache in the treated region and possibly some tiredness in the following 12-24 hours. We can help by advising ways to help reduce the side effects during this time. Each patient responds differently to treatment, but treatment will be individually tailored to reduce the pain and get you better quickly.

The majority of injuries that we see as chiropractors involve an inflammation response from the body, which is best helped with a cold pack. The cold pack may be a gel pack or frozen peas from the freezer wrapped in a light cloth and applied to the injured area for 15 minutes. This can be repeated, but only after a break of 45 minutes.

Mostly, activity is the best way to aid healing, even in the beginning. This will vary time wise with your specific injury, and we will talk through the most appropriate action for you.

Yes, we offer early appointments from 8 am and late appointments up to 8 pm on week days, as well as appointments between 9am and 3.30pm on Saturdays (3pm for new patients).

Payments are made on the day of treatment and at each appointment. We accept card and cash payments at the clinic. If you book an appointment online, you will be asked to pay by Paypal.

For patients using BUPA healthcare to access treatment, we ask that you obtain a pre-authorisation number from BUPA before booking an appointment and telling us your policy number. We will then deal with BUPA for all payments from that point.